Pass Your CPNE (Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination) With Our Hour Presentation Videos and 500 Question Simulation Software.


Step by step presentation of how to pass every station Including;

 Wound Protection Station, Intravenous Medication Station, Medication Administration Record (MAR) details and completion guidelines, IV Push Medication Station, How to interpret and take action with a PCS, the planning phase elements, Patients physical and emotional Jeopardy, Comfort Management, Musculoskeletal Management, Oxygen Management, pain management, Respiratory Management, Peripheral Vascular Assessment, Wound Management, Fluid Management, Drainage / Specimen Collection, Patient teaching, Abdominal Assessment , Neurological Assessment , Common diagnosis, Vital Signs Areas of Care, Nursing Care Evaluation and more.

Course Components

Learn exactly what is required to pass your CPNE on the first try without attending an expensive seminar or live training. Master key terms, learn Mnemonics, learn setup, warnings where others make mistakes and learn different nursing diagnosises.

  Fluff-free presentation covering only the essential "need to know" information that will be on the exam. We do not teach you how to fill out the CPNE exam application like other providers.

  Our video course is not just a recording of a live training seminar. Our Program is recorded in a professional studio. Provides the experience of direct 1 on 1 training, free from outside noise, distractions and audience disturbances.

  No long winded Stories, No Going off on tangents, No “I'm so great” Introductions, no personal references, No fluff, No extraneous examples to fill time, No repetitive information, No "time wasting" Activities, Pure info on terms, walkthroughs and need to know points.

  Each video has been meticulously edited to make sure nothing is repeated twice in the presentation and even edited so no more than 3 seconds of recording time is wasted with silence. The instructor even makes sure he does not say umm or give long pauses.

  Speaker speaks plain, clear English, no accent, annunciates words and explains jargon.

  This course does not contain any "pitches" for other products and services!
This course does not contain any Jokes, this is serious stuff!
This course does not contain obvious information!

  Our program is direct and to the point of what you need to know for the exam. Save time and maximize your study efforts.

  Our course does not contain "general" test study tips, training on how to fill out the test application, training on basic computer functions or anything unrelated directly to what you need to know for the exam.

  Includes 500 sample questions in a simulator software to help you master key terms, learn Mnemonics, learn setup, warnings where others make mistakes and learn different nursing diagnosises.

All material is Unique and Under United States copyright Protection with our company. If you see our questions anywhere else please contact us so we can stop illegal distribution.

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